Bayard Bradford

Completed as a 99designs one-to-one project, I was contracted to complete an initial landing page design for this digital marketing agency, specialising in digital strategy and full-funnel marketing. Following a successful project I was then contracted to produce page designs for the full website, including responsive visual designs for development.
Browser mockup
Bayard Bradford Homepage design


As a modern technology company dealing with digital marketing for international companies Bayard Bradford required a bespoke, individual and interesting online identity. The design needed to also be responsive for access on multiple devices.


Create a new visual brand online for Bayard Bradford to support their online goals and ensure all designs work across multiple devices and browsers.

Design concepts

Utilising bold isometric vector graphics alongside the Bayard Bradford corporate identity and colours produces a unique, modern digital design fit for such a forward-thinking company.
Bayard Bradford product page design

Product page

Bayard Bradford HubSpot Directory

Hubspot directory page


Each concept was designed in various screen sizes, the site was then built fully responsively to make sure it works and looks as it should across all devices and browsers.
Bayard Bradford Product - Mobile
Bayard Bradford Ideal Client - Mobile
Bayard Bradford HubSpot Directory - Mobile