The Flourishing Group

The Flourishing Group (now Interflourish) is a self-care and tutoring service run by Elizabeth Rees. She is dedicated to changing the way we look after ourselves, each other and the world by helping people to flourish through self-care.
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Aiming to create a calming online environment for possible clients, I was contracted to initially design a simple logo and set a basic visual identity for Interflourish and then complete a full website design and development to publicise the business online.


Create an online home for Interflourish from the ground up, including a simple visual identity, colour scheme and font selection. From initial wireframes and branding work through to full visual design and website development, I handled the entire project.

Design concepts

White space, relaxing and welcoming imagery and a muted, soft colour scheme set the tone for the visual identity of this new business. Clean, crisp and clear was the main aim.
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