Duradry is an FDA approved personal hygiene product designed to combat excessive sweating. Duradry is not like any antiperspirant you have tried before. It was engineered to control even the worst cases of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. I was contracted to design the initial home online for this new product.
Browser mockup
Duradry Homepage


Create a unique selling experience online to build upon the existing brand and customer base. High quality imagery and product shots were to be integrated into a high impact design to convert potential customers.


Build upon the existing brand to bolster and further the product online. Create bespoke product detail pages allowing customers to gather all the information they need to purchase online.

Design concepts

A clean and crisp design approach was formulated, utilising the existing brand logo and vibrant colours as accents to create a considered and formulated experience.
Duradry Product page

Product Detail page

Duradry Why page

Why Duradry page